Galib Galib

Physics, Chemistry, Mathe

Available for: Std. VI to O Level, Class 9-10
Curriculum: Edexcel, Cambridge & NCTB
1 Hour/Session
3 Days/Week
Weekly Quiz
Monthly Exam

The course duration depends on the contract. The schedule should be fixed prior to the beginning.

1) This batch-oriented program is available for the students of Std. VI to O Level (English Medium), and Class 9-10 (NCTB).
2) The batch is formed based on curriculum, medium & study class. The supported curriculums are Edexcel, Cambridge & NCTB.
3) The duration of each session is 1 hour. But It may be extended if it's necessary.
4) Each day contains 1 session.
5) 3 days as a week & 12 days as a month will be considered. As well as 3 sessions as a week & 12 sessions as a month will be considered.
6) There are quiz tests on a weekly basis and a standard exam on monthly basis. All the quiz tests and standard exams are mandatory.
7) Hand Notes are provided based on demand. This adds extra value to the payment structures. ​
8) Formation of a batch: Minimum 5 students.
9) Payment Structures & Terms:
a) NCTB: Class 9 & 10 BDT. 2,000 / student.
SSC Candidate BDT. 2,500 / student.
English Medium: Standard VI BDT. 2,000 / student.
Standard VII BDT. 2,500 / student.
Standard VIII BDT. 3,000 / student.
Standard IX BDT. 3,500 / student.
Standard X BDT. 3,500 / student.
O Level Candidate BDT. 5,000 / student.

Noted: The payment structure changes if the number of students is less than 5.
b) Each month payment must be paid in advance via Dikkha Payment Gateway.
c) Customized Hand Notes Price
NCTB: Class 9 & 10 BDT. 2,000.
SSC Candidate BDT. 3,500.
English Medium: Standard VI BDT. 2,000.
Standard VII BDT. 3,000.
Standard VIII BDT. 4,000.
Standard IX BDT. 5,000.
Standard X BDT. 5,000.
O Level Candidate BDT. 7,500.

Noted: Hand Notes will be delivered after 30 days of the payment.